9 February, 2022

Entrance color inspiration

When choosing the color of your entryway, think about how you want to greet your guests – and how do you want to be greeted by them, too?

Whether with a warm neutral or a more muted color, the paint color of your entryway instantly creates a feeling of well-being.

The entryway is a transitional space where homeowners and guests only spend a short amount of time, so choosing soothing, friendly neutrals is always a popular choice.

Painting the walls a lighter color keeps the entrance area open and airy. The neutrals also bring a seamless color space to the surrounding rooms.

You can add vibrancy to neutrals by mixing and matching several paint, trim and wall options.

Regal ® Select Interior

If space allows, consider an accent piece like a small table or colorful chairs to arrange details that are both functional and beautiful.

In practical terms, entryways are areas that are frequently moved, so a paint color that is durable and resistant to cleaning, like Regal ® Select Interior, is ideal.



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